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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Entertaining the Kids in a Tight Economy

As parents ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to have a great time with our kids without spending a lot of money. Recently, we had a blast with these new (and old) ideas. We made great memories, had quality time with our children and didn't spend a dime! Thought we'd share the ideas with you:

Outdoor Fun: (it's cold in Chicago but whenever it hits above 50 we bundle up and go outside)
  • Scavenger Hunt in the Park: Write a list of 10 common things you find in a park. Head outdoors and send the kids searching. We declare everyone a winner and have cookies as a prize. To length the activity, have each child decorate a brown paper lunch bag to put their treasures they find outside. 
  • Glassic "Gym Class" Games: In our backyard we play all the old classic games I loved as a child. Our favorites are "red light/ green light" and "Simon Says"
Indoor Fun: (alas, for months now we have played mostly indoors)

  • Choose your own Adventure Storytelling: Remember those books? This is basically the same idea except done with storytelling instead of reading. I start a make believe story and after a few minutes give the kids an option for how the story will proceed. For example, 1) the princess will cross over the river to see what is in land ahead or 2) the princess will go back through the woods to find the prince
  • Campfire Sing-Alongs (known in our family as "smores around the stove")  Most kids love smores... help them make them indoors using your stove and then sing familiar songs as you enjoy!

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